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Vanilla Ice is using some quotes from Miley Cyrus' recent "Rolling Stone" cover story to get back in the headlines. 

On Monday, the rapper posted a picture of a supposed tattoo on the bottom on his feet, reading "Miley Cyru$," copying the one Miley debuted last week. 

Miley spoke to the magazine about her friend Justin Bieber, saying that she is concerned because she doesn't want him to end up "a joke" and become another "Vanilla Ice." 

But, according to the rapper born Rob Van Winkle, Miley should be taking some of her own advice.  

In an interview with "TMZ,"  he says the two are having "a confusing moment" while through a transition, and that he hopes they do end up like him, because he's "very grateful" for where he is today. 

He adds that he sees all kinds of similarities between him and Justin, and that though he wishes the star the best, he knows "there's something entertaining about watching people self-destruct."