Lordie, Lordie, Look Who's 40!!!

It's not me-I just turned 32, but Fairbanks Youth Soccer Association, also known as FYSA but it sounds awkward when you try to pronounce it like a word. Sounds like that FISA warrant thing I keep hearing about on the news, so I say Fairbanks Youth Soccer Association because that is really a cool, fun thing that I actually got to be a part of, whereas a FISA warrant does not sound fun at all,and I've certainly never been a part of that to my knowledge . . . anyhow, Fairbanks Youth Soccer  is celebrating their 40th birthday with us this Saturday in the Regal Cinemas parking lot, noon-33PM. And it is going to be one hopping, bouncy party . . . seriously- with a dozen bouncy play houses and stuff from Alaska Jump N' Party!  And there's free face painting, tons of giveaways and like a bajillion food trucks on hand, give or take a jillion. Math was never my strong suit.  But having a good time is-and I guarantee it!  See you there!

Kickoff Summer Party Noon-3P Saturday


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