Happy Birthday AJ!

He's now old enough to get a driving permit . . . Lord help us all . . . but don't sweat it as he's not even close to being ready for the DMV test!!  It's been a crazy week and I'm still recovering from last week's fun, with AJ's bday celebration and the Fairbanks Children's Museum's Where's Wooly Scavenger Hunt (which was also amazing!!) on Sunday. And now-it's almost Memorial Day Weekend!! Don't forget the fun at Pioneer Park Alaskaland all weekend long!  Alas, this will probably be my only post this week, and so I leave you with a photo of the birthday boy trying to hide behind a bowling ball . . . and not very well I should add!  Ha! He bowls about the same as he hides!!!  Happy Birthday Dude!

AJ hiding behind bowling ball


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