Sack cancer, Not Quarterbacks

I figured with all the controversy over what is a legal QB sack in NFL . . . what is a catch, what is a "football move", what is pass interference, what is the meaning of life, etc., I have a new theme for the season: Let's sack cancer, not the quarterback.  I'd much rather do that, and have some fun with it too! We've raised over 500 bucks thanks to all of you! Let me break it down: We raise enough money and we can sack cancer. If the the NFL would not have messed with the QB sack interpretation, the Packers would be 3-0. And Vikings fans, you know that is true!!!  But whether you root for the purple, the green and gold, the red, blue and whatever, we're all rooting for the pink as we Make Strides Against Breast Cancer. Learn more about how you can help by clicking on the zebra. And I like that anything goes when sacking cancer, whereas now you have to court the QB before you can actually tackle him ever so gently.

Sack cancer, Not The QB