Can You Guess California's Most Popular TV Show During The Holidays?

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The holidays are here, which means spending time with loved ones, enjoying time from work or school, and catching up on your favorite movies and programs. Some people sit down to watch some television with family and friends, as well. Many television shows also have Christmas or holiday-themed episodes or specials meant to entertain and teach an important lesson.

Since there are so many episodes dedicated to this time of the year, USDish looked for which television show Americans are watching the most. They even broke down state-by-state.

According to researchers, Californians are looking up The Simpsons the most during the holiday season! They're not alone, either. Fifteen other states also preferred the long-running cartoon, including Florida, New Mexico, Oregon, Alabama, Louisiana, Illinois, and Maine.

Photo: Courtesy of USDish

In fact, The Simpsons ranked as the second-most-searched program in the country, right behind The Office. The season seven episode, "Marge Be Not Proud," was the third-most-watched TV episode around Christmas, too.

Here were some other interesting findings from the study:

  • 60% of the most popular Christmas TV show episodes’ premieres aired between 2000 and 2009. 
  • The Office snagged just two episodes in the top 15, but it blew away the competition in search volume during December 2020.

Click here to check out the full study.

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