Paris Hilton Becomes Marilyn Monroe In Stunning Transformation

Photo: Getty Images

Paris Hilton has transformed into the late icon Marilyn Monroe for a new breathtaking photo shoot. The new mom shared the pics and a video from the shoot for Vogue Arabia calling Monroe her "forever icon." To achieve Monroe's classic look, Hilton traded her usual long blonde locks for a short bob and accessorized with diamond earrings and a flashy necklace. In the video from the shoot, Hilton lounges around a sleek hotel room in a robe while a crew takes photos of her. The star also placed one of Monroe's most famous musical performances over the video, her rendition of "I Wanna Be Loved by You" featured in Billy Wilder's Some Like It Hot.

Paris Hilton's love for Marilyn Monroe goes deep. In a previous interview with Cosmopolitan, the DJ/recording artist revealed that she's been told by psychics that she is distantly related to the actress. "When I was a baby, a psychic told my grandmother that I was going to be one of the most famous and photographed women in the world one day," she said in the magazine's April 2020 issue. "Other psychics have said I'm related to Marilyn Monroe and things like that. My mom just did one of those 23andMe DNA kits and I am related to Marilyn Monroe and Queen Elizabeth." 

Six decades after her death, Monroe has remained a fixture in pop culture. Just last year, Kim Kardashian wore her iconic Happy Birthday Mr. President dress to the 2022 Met Gala red carpet and Ana de Armas starred as Monroe in Netflix's Blonde which earned her an Oscar nomination.

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