Adele Is 'Starstruck' After Meeting Dua Lipa For The First Time

Photo: Getty Images

Adele and Dua Lipa have finally met! The UK superstars finally crossed paths during The Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment breakfast on Thursday, December 7th. Adele gave a hilarious speech after accepting the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award and was excited to tell the audience that she had finally met Dua Lipa.

“I finally got to meet Dua Lipa!” Adele said in the speech “A bit starstruck. Absolutely love her. Fellow Londoner.” She went on to crack a joke about the height of the microphone on stage. “It’s hard with this microphone, isn’t it, Dua?” she said. “We’re very, very tall — like supermodels. Well you are, I’m not — but anyway!”

During a red carpet interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Dua shared some sweet words about Adele. "She's our British queen. I just love her! And I'm just a fan of her music," she said. "She has the most unbelievable voice and her lyrics have always been very touching to me. She's someone I've always looked up to.”

Dua attended the event to help present over $1 million in scholarships to high school seniors who are part of the Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment Mentorship Program. Adele was particularly touched by this part of the event, starting off her speech by saying, "The scholarships had me in floods of tears."

Elsewhere in her speech, Adele discussed why she doesn't release a lot of music. The Grammy winner explained that after becoming pregnant, "It was there and then that I chose to reject the scarcity of success, and the idea that you have to be constantly relevant to be successful. And that perhaps, just maybe, I could be a hit both on and off the stage. And you’ll never guess what — I f—ing got away with it!”

Check out Dua and Adele posing for a photo together below!

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