EXPLORE FAIRBANKS and MAGIC 101.1 give you 101 different ways to explore local this summer. Get out and enjoy all that Alaska's Interior has to offer - brought to you by Explore Fairbanks and your favorite iHeartRadio station, Magic 101.1.


1 - Make the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center your first stop to planning your summer adventure. www.morristhompsoncenter.org

2 - Cruise the great rivers of the Last Frontier. www.riverboatdiscovery.com

3 - Strike it rich in the gold fields of Alaska. www.golddredge8.com

4 - Live intentionally through uniquely artisan-crafted gifts, homewares, and artwork curated for everyday life. www.shoplichenliving.com

5 - Soar above the trees with friends and family just outside Denali National Park! www.denalizipline.com

6 - Explore the trails just outside Denali National Park. Several ATV types available. All ages. www.denaliatv.com

7 - Sip local brews, cuddle puppies, and immerse yourself in authentic mushing lifestyle at Trail Breaker Kennel! www.trailbreakerkennel.com

8 - Rent an RV with GoNorth Fairbanks. One-way rentals to Anchorage, Whitehorse, Seattle & gravel roads allowed. www.gonorth-alaska.com

9 - Fishing or scenic wilderness float/raft trips. Fly or spin fish amazing Interior Alaskan rivers! www.akrivertours.com

10 - Enjoy a beautiful summer tea party with Sipping Streams Tea Company. www.sippingstreams.com

11 - Catch gold fever, learn the art of gold panning! Come for gold, stay for fun! www.golddaughters.com

12 - Visit the Troth Yeddha' Campus of the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

13 - Shop for local produce and products at a farmers or open air market.

14 - Soak up the sun while dining on a waterfront deck.

15 - Test your adventurous spirit in Denali National Park.

16 - Experience the thrill of a lifetime on a zipline.

17 - Cuddle with puppies and chat with a musher on a kennel tour.

18 - See giant burl animals along the Richardson Highway.

19 - Take a flightseeing tour and view the landscape from the sky.

20 - Grab take out from your favorite restaurant and have a picnic in a park.

21 - Meander around Wander Lake or along the riverwalk.

22 - Have your picture taken at the Arctic Circle sign after traversing the Dalton Highway.

23 - See how a tree is turned into pieces of functional and decorative art.

24 - Enjoy a free concert at a local venue.

25 - Fill your water bottle with fresh spring water.

26 - Frolic in a field of fireweed.

27 - Hear about Alaska’s state sport of dog mushing.

28 - Celebrate Fairbanks' founding during Golden Days.

29 - Spend an afternoon "Where the Spirit of Christmas lives year-round."

30 - Have an adventure in a local, state or national park.

31 - Chase a midnight sunset at a nearby vantage point.

32 - Discover new treasures at a yard sale or antique shop.

33 - Watch gold nuggets be fashioned into jewelry.

34 - Participate in a run or walk for charity.

35 - Calculate how many hours of daylight we have today at www.explorefairbanks.com/midnight-sun-tracker.

36 - Head south and view “the High One.”

37 - Curl up with a book from the library.

38 - Learn about Alaska’s aviation history.

39 - Stop and smell the flowers in a garden.

40 - Relax like the miners did in a naturally heated hot spring.

41 - Stay up all night and celebrate summer solstice under the midnight sun.

42 - Take classes in traditional crafts, woodworking, outdoor skills, and hands-on arts.

43 - Search for a geocache in an urban or remote location.

44 - Rejoice in the return of Aurora Season on August 21.

45 - Sample cuisine from around the world.

46 - Learn about traditional Alaska Native sports.

47 - Be inspired by a visit to an arts, culture or history venue.

48 - Drive along a local highway for a scenic road trip.

49 - Pick up a meal from your favorite food truck or stand.

50 - Go berry picking with your family and make your own jams and jellies.

51 - Explore the exhibits on Alaska’s history, nature and culture at the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center.

52 - Climb in an RV and travel the “Adventure Corridor.”

53 - Hoot and holler as you watch the boys of summer play.

54 - Visit local monuments and statues.

55 - Go for a stroll along the trails at Creamer's Field.

56 - Start your search for Made In Alaska or Alaska Silver Hand holiday gifts.

57 - Throw on your cleats and take a swing at a softball field.

58 - Cool off with ice cream or shave ice.

59 - Pick up a 2024 Fairbanks Visitors Guide full of more ideas of things to do.

60 - Strike a pose under the farthest north Antler Arch.

61 - Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Tanana Valley State Fair.

62 - Help beautify Fairbanks by picking up a piece of trash.

63 - Share your adventures on social media using #explorefairbanks.

64 - Ask about what winter has to offer.

65 - Swing your clubs and tee off under the midnight sun.

66 - Focus your camera and document your travels.

67 - Watch a show about the northern lights.

68 - Set up a net and spike your way to victory.

69 - Find events happening around Fairbanks at www.explorefairbanks.com/events.

70 - Try a different kind of golf…with a disc.

71 - Visit with Santa and let him decide if you're on the naughty or nice list.

72 - Enjoy the 4th of July with food, family and friends.

73 - Climb aboard and ride the rails.

74 - Find out about historic Fairbanks and its gold rush history at Pioneer Park.

75 - Traverse as many of the nearby walking and hiking trails as possible.

76 - Savor a variety of locally brewed vodka, whiskey and other spirits.

77 - Camp in a public-use cabin or at a local campground.

78 - Volunteer your time to a worthy cause.

79 - Hop on a motorcycle to traverse the state.

80 - Buckle up your flotation device and spend some time on a lake or river.

81 - Protect your skin with sunscreen and hit the beach at Chena or Tanana lakes.

82 - Take a walk through a forest with huskies.

83 - Grab some friends and cleats to go kick around a soccer ball.

84 - Gather around a campfire and roast marshmallows.

85 - Dine on fresh Alaskan seafood.

86 - Explore original Alaskan art, literature, and craft at an art gallery.

87 - Chill out and hang with the ice sculptures.

88 - Rent a canoe, kayak or bicycle.

89 - Let your dog play at a park made just for them.

90 - Visit the historic mining town of Ester.

91 - Visit the pipeline and learn what a “PIG” has to do with it.

92 - Perfect your panning technique on your search for gold.

93 - Taste a variety of locally brewed beer.

94 - Play on every playground in town.

95 - Book an overnight getaway at a hotel or B&B.

96 - Peer through your binoculars and search for Alaskan wildlife and birds.

97 - Cast a line and catch a fish. (Don’t forget your fishing license!)

98 - Discover everything that downtown Fairbanks has to offer.

99 - Cheer on your rubber duckie as they try to win the race.

100 - Spend some time with muskox or reindeer.

101 - Explore more things to do in Fairbanks, Denali, Alaska's Interior and Arctic at www.explorefairbanks.com.

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