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Patient Who Survived 12 Different Cancers Could Hold Key In Detection

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Here's today's feel-good story:

A patient who has survived a dozen types of cancer tumors in his life could shed some light on detection and treatment for researchers and doctors working on immunotherapy treatments.

When he was still a baby, he developed his first tumor which started a trend every few years. The person has developed 12 different tumors in his life, each in a different spot in the body.

Researchers believe that the person's genome could help others detect these mutations in a gene called MAD1L1 which helps with cell division and proliferation.

“Academically we cannot speak of a new syndrome because it is the description of a single case, but biologically it is,” said co-author of the study, Miguel Urioste from CNIO.

“Other genes whose mutations alter the number of chromosomes in cells are known, but this case is different because of the aggressiveness, the percentage of aberrations it produces and the extreme susceptibility to a large number of different tumors.”

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