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Grandmother Took Notes During Marvel Movies To Better Relate To Grandkids

Teenage Granddaughter Showing Grandmother How To Use Mobile Phone

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Here's today's feel-good story:

Cheryl Skiados, a grandmother in her 70s, took rigorous notes while watching 30 Marvel films so that she could be closer to her grandkids and talk to them about their interests.

Skiados has 13 grandchildren, all from ages 6 to 22, and all are big Marvel fans.

“I just moved in with my grandparents, and my grandma is making her way through all the Marvel movies,” said 18-year-old grandson Jackson. “She is watching them in the order they came out and she asked if I wanted to watch one with her, so of course, I said ‘yes’.

“I think it really shows how much she cares about her grandchildren, because she is willing to sit there for hours on end and watch superhero movies, and take notes on them, just so she can have something extra to talk to her grandkids about.”

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