Games to add to your July 4th Party

If you’re planning an Independence Day get together, don’t forget the games. There are plenty of ideas out there so your party isn’t “so-so.” Here are a few:

1. Patriotic Yard Bowling. You’ll want to start saving your cans for this DIY Fourth of July game because you’ll need 10 of them. Make sure they are painted red, white and blue beforehand so they can dry. To play, divide into two teams—boys versus girls, kids versus parents, etc. Then, arrange the cans in a pyramid shape and use a Wiffle ball or some other type of ball to knock them down.

2. United States Trivia

3. Flag Hunt. Hide small flags and mark one in a special way. The person that finds it wins a prize

4. Uncle Sam Hat Competition

5. Patriotic Potato Sack Race

6. Picnic Secret Sam. Have your family and a few of your neighbors draw another family’s name a few days before July 4th. Then, each family should prepare a picnic basket. They can be filled with sandwiches, treats, and other 4th of July themed goodies. Once you’re done, drop it off at the doorstep of the family you drew the morning of July 4th

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