Help Us Help The Literacy Council of Alaska

So not feeling the springy-type weather we long for in March yet, but that's not stopping us from rolling on with our Spring Book Sweep!  you can help by dropping off your gently used or even new books at one of awesome sponsor locations!  I like to make the rounds, share the love, and hit all the locations . . . but you do what works best for you. My one rule? Make sure they are your books you're donating. While I appreciate the huge support and zealous enthusiasm, please do not take books that belong to other people.  Actually, don't the books belong to all of us??  Okay, I'll get back to you on that but for now, just donate YOUR books, okay?  And thanks again to Orion's Belt, Toy Quest, Heart Stream Yoga, West Valley Vision, The Craft Market, and to all of you who have not only dropped off books this year, but supported us, the Literacy Council, and our Spring Book Sweep for the past (16) years.  We appreciate YOU!!