I Accidentally Tricked Myself

I got all excited as I checked the Weather Channel app on my phone, saw a very warm forecast, and started talking it up with family. A few minutes later my wife said that was not the forecast she saw at all and it was not that warm. Argument ensued, I pull up the Weather Channel app to show her only to find out it was set for Anchorage . . . because I spend so much time in Anchorage. Is that like the default for the app? Like on Linkedin on folks from Fairbanks it says "Anchorage Area" as if we don't really exist up here in Fairbanks?? I mean, if I wanted to know the weather in Anchorage I could just move there, but that's just ridiculous as I would never move there . . . anyhow, my hopes were shattered and you know how I feel about extended forecasting. But if you want warmer weather now, you can move to Anchorage . . . or Hawaii. Really, not even a choice.