The Eagle Has Landed . . .

And he was in that tree directly across from us, just watching . . . and waiting.  Now I think seeing an eagle like that is cool any day of the year, but when it happens on the 4th of July, well that is extra special!!  And I'm sure it means better things ahead besides the threat of nuclear missiles from North Korea now being able to reach us here in Alaska.  Ole Dennis R needs to get his BFF Lil Kim under control.  Anyhow, I did not know that until this morning. But after seeing our nation's bird hanging out like that with us, I went home, put the flag out, made hot dogs and shot off fireworks.  Missed the apple pie though.  Oh-if said eagle was waiting to catch our fish, the joke's on him as we caught NOTHING!  that's why the call it "fishing" and not 'catching."  But I would have gladly given that eagle a fish. So cool.  Photos not as cool though and I'm not sure why the camera on the iphone is not as good as my Samsung but my phone was deader than disco in the truck. The phone was in my truck-no signs of any disco in there but the Bee Gees were fun. Anyhow, this is what we got. Hope you are having a great return to a short week!

Eagle Eye hold the cherry
It Really is an Eagle
Rocky Barnette

Rocky Barnette

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