It's A "Tropical Pink Friday"

Save The Breasts Man!

And I am rockin' it!!  Real Men Wear Pink-and there you have proof!  We are making Strides Against Breast Cancer-and you can help by clicking on my photo above or stopping by our studios to make your donation in person. All of the money raised goes to the American Cancer Society and their fight against breast cancer.  Every little bit helps . . . so please help me be a real man and make a donation!!! The winner will be announced on November 1st . . . more crazy fun to come. Oh and since I really really really really want to be a real man, I set my personal goal at 5k . . . because anything less was somehow demeaning to my official real man status.  I will do it with your help and yes I will sweeten things up here soon.  In the meantime:  Happy Tropical Pink Friday!!

I think we clash