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This Could Be My Week

No more 'picking with my head" unless it's my nose . . . I'm going to what I know best-straight from the heart! Don't forget to make your picks at and good luck! Great prizes from our sponsors, the Big I Pub and Lounge (smoke free as of November 1), Variety Motors, Splash and Dash and prize sponsor Glacier View Adventures with those kick-butt zip-line trips good for next summer!  Oh-don't forget the grand prize of that sweet parrot 3D Drone Unit!!  

Here they are, from my heart to my personality page:

Bucs-I love picking against the Pats

Browns-this is the week

Lions-but hope I'm wrong on this one

Niners. Colts too injured

Dolphins. At Home


Chargers. Want to see Giants 0-5, but I guess barring a tie, one of these teams will be just that

Jags-for the adventure. I think this is the first year I've ever picked Jags

Cards. In spite of themselves

Rams. Fun and I think they will win. Root for the Pack and whomever plays the Seathugs

Raiders. Carr is out but I still think they can win this one at home-Ravens kind of stinking up joint

Packers. but I do have the Cowgirl cheerleaders on my cheerleader fantasy team.

Chiefs. Should be a great game. Chiefs 5-0?  Cool. Once they get to 6, they choke . . .

Da Bears.  I hear they are  putting in Mitch . . . and Ditka.

Week 5 Should be Perfect

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