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Five Happens To Be My Favorite Number

So would you believe I did that on purpose? So I hit an all time low on my picks (allegedly-the whole system is rigged!!) I was ready to laugh at Palmer-who got only 7-but then I saw mine . . . so neither the heart or the head thing is working. Who said gambling on football was a fools errand, or something like that? Congrats to Jeffery, who was number 1 with 10 correct picks and got him a Glacier View Adventures Zip-line trip for next season, Brianna with 9 points and a Splash and Dash gift card, and Keva with 8 (lots of folks got 8 but Keva was selected by random drawing) scoring her a roadside assistance kit from Variety Motors. Here's this weeks picks . . . it's all over but the crying!


Bears-yes I said da Bears will win!!




Jets . . . over Patriots-this should be fun!


Cards-torn on this one as I said I was going to be done, and I was actually sweet on the Bucs this year


Chiefs-will this be 6 and 0 before collapse?

Raiders . . .


I'm Feeling Lucky

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