Nice To Be A Winner . . . and A Real Man!

Thanks again for all of you who voted for me!!  Lots of love to John and Missey-appreciate the push for sure. Remember the difference between 'First Place" and "Grand Champion is about 115k. Congrats again to national Real Men Wear Pink Champion Jeff Cook.  And to all of those who finished behind me-ha!! Take that! I'm more of a real man than you!! haha!! Oh don't be so sensitive . . . wait-you can't help it because you're not real men!! Oh my!! Seriously-the even was a great way to raise funds for the American Cancer Society as we Make Strides Against Breast Cancer. And you can still donate to us through the end of the year. click on my photos to see how easy it is!

Now That's A Real Man!
Real Men In Pink Showing Love