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Last Week of Pick'Em

It's been a lot of fun but to be honest I hardly get to watch any games anymore-I need to get on top of that!! And my beloved Packers exited early. So now I'm just rooting for Seahawks ( to lose) and for somebody to beat the Patriots. Go Steelers!!  I think.  Thanks to the Big I, Variety Motors and Splash and Dash for making it all happen! I got 8 and I have a one game season lead on Palmer. Here's this weeks (hopeful) winners-good luck to you:

Green Bay . . . once a cheesehead . . .

Houston has a problem and I would not be surprised if Indy won

Minny Sota. Or is it Minnie Soda?

Jets Jets Jets

Redskins-not sure Giants could get any worse


Steelers and Cleveland gets their perfect season

Panthers. Unless I need Atlanta to win to knock Seathugs out of playoffs







Cards. just beat Seattle.

Last Week To Pick'em Real Good

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