Winner Winner . . .

I'd prefer a steak dinner. Seriously I eat so much chicken I'm starting to cluck.  Okay, so if you look in the system I did beat Diamond Timmy P by 8 games, but he did not pick the last two weeks of season (remember I missed a week too, documented in my blog). Because I could not take victory like that, Tim and I declared it a tie and will let the playoffs settle this. Thanks again to The Big I, Splash and Dash, as well as Variety Motors. Congrats to Steve Berg, grand champion here with 175 points and scoring that 3D Drone deal. Very nice! Okay, here's my bonus picks:

New Orleans




Palmer took Carolina, so that's our off pick this week. Oh-and I am making my pick for the Packers to win the 2019 Super Bowl now.

Packers Win Superbowl in 2019

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