Scary Photo Caps End Of Era

As the saying goes, All Good Things Must Come To An End. Such is the case with the Country Kitchen, after over 40 years of serving Fairbanks with fantastic cooking utensils and cutlery, not to mention the great coffee, along with sponsoring "What's Cookin'" on KFBX for the past 6 years, Len and Kris have decided to retire and do whatever it is that retirees do. My bet is they'll be bored come February and start a new business in the spring.  Now before you get all excited, you might want to take a look at my betting track record. I'm not exactly Mr Lucky.  We'll miss the Country Kitchen but we don't have to miss the owners as they plan to travel but still actually live here in Fairbanks!!!  Prepping for the new business this spring is my guess . . . anyhow, that's Charlie O'Toole getting ready for prison, our favorite "Check Out Chick" and retiring co-owner of Country Kitchen Leonard Thilltgen and What's Cookin' host Chuck Lempke

Happy Halloween! And don't forget today is also the final day of the Real Men Wear Pink competition! If you'd like to donate, click on the photo now!

One Last Time For A Good Scare