Sexiest Man In Radio Trophy Stolen!

Or I might have accidentally given it away . . . but I like the stolen angle better! Thanks to IncrediBill at Party Planet in the Arctic Bowl Building for being the lone creator of the coveted trophy. Appreciate all you do! I've attached actual photo of where the award might set so you can better appreciate how scandalous this is!! Great memories in the photo though-you can see how I'd have to do some re-decorating. I see some Real men Wear Pink (join us Wednesday at LHS 6PM February 13th), and the masquerade ball certificate which reminds me this Saturday is the HAHA Ball for our Boys and Girls Club of Fairbanks, and of course my lucky rubber ducks which I believe are actually stolen goods as well . . . oh and my Red Lantern flashlight for my football picks some years ago . . . some things never change!!! If anyone has any information leading to the return of my Sexiest Man In Radio trophy, I will give you on of my pilfered rubber duckies-no questions asked!