Stop By The Ice Art Park And "Have An Ice Day"!

With a sweet location at the end of Phillips Field Road, The Ice Art Park has fun for everyone, including the sweet kids ice playground and new ice sculptures going up all the time, with Ice Artists from around the world! In fact, this is the largest ice exhibition in the world! And they're open ten til ten daily through March. Keep listening for more details on upcoming events and your chance to win tickets! And I suggest the season pass, which gets you in any day through season . . . and pretty much guarantees a lot of ice days for you! And if you'd like to get your business captured in ice-and by that I mean an ice carving, those start at just 300 bucks and they give you some passes and discount coupons too. Call 451-8250 or stop by the Ice park at 3570 Phillips Field Road to learn more!