One Place To Be This St. Paddy's Day Weekend

Actually there are several. For the ones who want to do some traditional Irish partying, go by the International Hotel and Bar (you know them as the Big I Pub & Lounge), with fun all weekend and delicious Irish themed food on Sunday. But if you're looking for something to do with the whole family, I don't think the Ice Art Park on Phillips Field Road can be beat! They've got the kids playground with everything you'd envision in your magical playground, but all made of ice-and all our functional-including the super-fun ice slides! Of course there are tons of beautiful ice sculptures too and if you're feeling a little tired and don't think you can walk the entire park (it's really big), you can take advantage of drive thru viewing from six to ten every evening! The entire Ice Art Park is open ten until ten daily through March 31st at 3574 Phillips Field Road. Check out the main page here or go to to learn more . . . and Have An Ice Day!!