And We Have A Winner . . .

And the winning movie title is:

It 2019: The Giant Scary Clown And His Circus Minions

And this clown is not messing around-it came for blood. It flashed it's evil smirk and waved the red pen just the right amount to totally destroy Alaska's future, literally cutting off the nose to spite the face. I get fiscal responsibility, but it does not come in a day. If common sense dictated . . . wait, never mind. Baby cried the day the circus came to town-now we know why. Even more unfortunate is it'll be a one ring circus to only the folks clamoring for their full PFD . . . be careful what you wish for. Didn't the It movies teach you anything?????!!!! Never give a sinister looking clown a red pen.

Please contact your legislators and beg for some sanity.and a vote to overturn this clown's line item veto. The future of our state most likely depends on it. Click her for easy access

Please note the views above are mine but should be shared by every Alaskan who cares about our future. Thanks to Alaska MEMES for letting em have so much fun trying to name this movie

It 2019: The Giant Scary Clown-photo courtesy of Alaska MEMES

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