Great Turnout For A Holiday Weekend For Sure

Fairbanks represented well on Wednesday over at Pioneer Park/Alaskaland for a special legislative "town hall" meeting about the governor's veto shenanigans. So unofficially about 1500 folks showed up-if someone has a more accurate number let me know! People spoke on both sides of the veto, but it was overwhelmingly clear that most everyone there supports a legislative override with 45 of 60 votes. to me, that seems a pretty logical outcome, considering they spent a lot of time agreeing on a budget that the majority felt would work best, and in just a matter of hours (or less) Dunleavy used his red pen to totally destroy that. Legislators-defend your work! Vote to over-turn the line item vetoes-all of them! And for the rest of us, continue to put pressure on our elected officials now as time is short. The vote has to happen by July 12th, or so I'm told. Let's make it happen!

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