I Told You-The Pictures Don't Lie!

I bring this up because every Alaskan should be very concerned about the future of our great state, and where essentially one misguided man (I believe actually influenced by others-all outsiders) has pretty much doomed us to a bad place we might not recover from for years-if ever. And whatever that time frame may be, a lot of really good people will have already fled for a better future. Right now it's a crash course for disaster, and I blame the big scary clown guy with the evil smirk for most of it. And I say "clown" because he does not have a clue of what he's done . . . it's either that or he's pure evil so I'm going to stick with the clown theme as I think it offers more hope for the rest of us.

What is eluding me is the 'WHY". WHY would you cut off your nose to spite your face? WHY would you put so many jobs and people's lives in jeopardy? WHY would you line-item veto 182 things after the legislature worked in good faith to present a pretty reasonable budget? WHY would you break every other promise you made to the Alaskan people under the guise of your one foolish campaign promise of a "full PFD"? WHY would you then pull a political power play to hold the meetings in Wasilla instead of Juneau? WHY do you continue to spit in the face of Alaskans knowing that the majority oppose you and what you have done? WHY would anyone want to make the devastating cuts you propose to education, seniors, the homeless, and many other non-profit groups? The WHY list goes on, and I don't have any answers-and neither do you apparently. I really don't think you know much of anything about the cuts you made or the reasons why, because I think you are the real puppet here . . . and I'm not sure what terrifies me more.

So I hope that you are just a big bully scary clown with an evil smirk, and not just plain evil but I am really questioning that. Where is the leadership? Where are the answers to the WHY? And for anyone who thinks this got too personal, you'd be right. This got real personal for me and thousands of other Alaskans. Yes, every Alaskan will be impacted by this, whether directly or indirectly. And I'm not going to sit back and take it-none of us should be. You mess with the future of me and my family, then you can bet it's going to get personal. Thanks to everyone who has stood up for Alaska. I do believe in the end, good triumphs evil. I have to believe in that, because I sure can't believe what is happening now and WHY this clown was elected in the first place. This has little to do with "fiscal responsibility" and more about some sort of revenge plan or??? And I can't get away from the WHY. It makes no sense. It seems Dunleavy can't answer it either. It's time to stand up to the clueless bully, and show all these clowns what good things Alaskans can do when we come together. Speaking of , get with the house finance for public testimony at housefinance@akleg.gov now

Oh and just FYI: Clowns aren't supposed to be scary. Oh well.

If The Title Fits . . .

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