That Bear's Got An Arm

A little high and outside but the form is amazing-I'd expect recruitment calls to start pouring in any time, though Nook knows where his home is-right here in Fairbanks doing what he loves! Supporting teams like the Alaska Goldpanners, and supporting our University is important to Nook, as it should be to all of us. Education is a huge key to any thriving, successful community.

Hey speaking of Nook, I may have been confused on that. I pondered 3 different mascots, with Nanook being the big one, Nook was like the teenager version and lil Nook was the baby, but I am thinking that it's all just Nook. Very confusing for simple minds like yours truly, and hard not to get mixed up with nookie, which is a whole other discussion. Not to say the two can't go together but certainly not in this posting . . .

Whatever you call him, Nook will have offers but his plan is to stay here and support our great state, in particular the awesome folks in the interior. UA STRONG!!! GO PANNERS!

New Pitcher In Town

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