It's Time To Stop The Lies

I think lying in politics is something most of us have learned to tolerate but not accept, but I suggest we do neither, especially at the highest levels. And I am sick of the misinformation going around in regards to UA, The PFD, the budget and what Alaskans really want. But hey, don't take my word for it. The legislature once again came together and tried to work as one, compromising to put out another rational budget-and one that likely will be vetoed again by Dunleavy. And he keeps spreading lies.

This from the James Brooks at the Anchorage Daily News: Speaking to reporters, Dunleavy incorrectly stated that the difference between the $1,600 dividend proposed by the Legislature and the $3,000 dividend he supports is “being used to grow government.”

According to preliminary figures from the Legislative Finance Division, the state’s operating budget is nearly $93 million smaller than it was last year, following significant cuts by the Legislature and the remaining vetoes. Even if the governor’s vetoes are fully accepted, there is not sufficient money to fund both government services and a $3,000 dividend without spending from savings or violating last year’s Permanent Fund spending cap.

“We have an unsustainable budget,” the governor said. “Our attempt was to get a sustainable budget through reductions.”

While he said he does not yet know how many of the veto reversals he will veto, “I would anticipate that there will be reductions. How much and in what order, what categories, what services, that’s to be determined. But again the idea behind this is not, quote, to harm Alaska.”

From me: Who is the "Our"? You and Donna? Why? And I could not disagree more. First of all, you can't attempt to reach a "sustainable budget" by taking a dynamite stick to it. Sure, you'll cut your costs but all you'll be left with is rubble and wreckage, To get back to a 'sustainable" budget you need years-not days. And your line item vetoes last time around were clearly aimed at harming Alaska. Dunleavy, stop the lying. Or is it because he just doesn't know? I'm not sure which one is worse, and they both mean disaster for Alaskans.

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