The Exciting Adventures Of . . . The Lone Pepper!

So this is the lone harvest so far . . . a single habanero pepper. Now I did make a new batch of hot sauce which I am calling "Just Peachy Habanero" which, as the name implies, has both peaches and habaneros in it . . . just not from my garden . . . because I only have one so far. One lonely pepper. Actually I have two more that I have not picked because they look like cherry tonatoes. Anyhow, the new sauce is really tasty-and packs a punch. Now I do have some ghost peppers coming in and I am studying a couple new recipes for those. Pretty excited about the opportunity but I do not think I will have a large enough harvest to do more than one batch . . . and I can't just go buy these hot boys down at the grocery store. So it will be very special and for those of you who actually get to try it . . . well it will be an honor indeed! Ha! An honor that will rock your world for at least a few minutes as I think it will be a very nice heat to this one. . .. oh the anticipation. So one will be called "Alien Ghost Probe" And I think yhe other-if I can make it work-will be called "Roasted Ghost." The sauces are fun to make, and equally as fun to name. Tasting them is great too, but I really like the process of getting there!

And I guess this pepper's adventure has not been that exciting so far-we'll see what happens!

One Lonely Habanero

One Lonely Habanero

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