The Ear's Have It-And Education Rocks!

Sure, I am the proud dad watching some of Ryder's dreams come true before our eyes. I can only brag a little as I only know a little about what's shakin' with him as he's been busy working on his Masters in Business Administration, but I can tell you a bit about how the journey began. We "forced" him to go to that summer fine arts camp at UAF I think back in 7th grade-and he went . . . kicking and screaming. One day in, he was in love with the program and really got into the metalsmithing and could not wait to go the next year. I believe it was a couple of summers in when his metals teacher-who also taught at UAF-invited him to take the college class. Well, one thing led to another. He really got into the custom knife making, and here he is now adding jewelry into that portfolio. I don't see this happening without the University of Alaska being in our world . . . just one more reason how education does indeed change lives and compliments not only the people in school, but those around them as well. This would not have been possible without UAF and the opportunities higher education offers . . . and some pretty good parenting mixed in there of course!!. .

Ryder, sorry if I embarrassed you..This is probably minor considering all the stories I've told about you on the radio since before you were born. And while I'd like to take the credit for the successful man you've become, a ton of that credit has to go to the great education you're getting, all those wonderful teachers, your sense of the big picture, your mad skills and natural talent . . . and probably your mom more so than me. Rock on dude-looking forward to going to the knife show with you!!

I accidentally bent the packaging when I stuck it in my pocket. My photos do not do it justice. And I don't recall what JACKDAW stands for . . .

Nice Presentation: JACKDAW Original
The Ears Have It-Not Professional Model-FYI

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