Havana, Habana, Ooh La La!

As we're getting ready for the iHeartRadio Music Festival, I thought this was a nice tie-in, I mean I'm sure that Camila Cabello will do her song "Havana", which by the way is in La Habana, Cuba . . . which leads me to sharing that I can scratch Cuban Cigars off my bucket list as I scored two last night!! I know-I don't even smoke but I always wanted to try a fine Cuban cigar . . . now I guess it is legal to have them here now, so that does go against part of my fantasy of illegally smuggling contraband in, but it's still pretty cool! Thank you Larry for the hook-up on these babies!! I am doing a Father-Son trip with Ryder soon and we shall incorporate this into the festivities!

Decadent Cuban Cigars-smoke 'em if you've got them!!

Please note I do not approve of smoking in general and would certainly not condone that kind of behavior. But just so we're clear-this is a "once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity". Heck, we may not smoke them at all-we can just nibble them and take photos . . . it's very Hollywood . . . something like that!

Thanks Larry-appreciate the gift sir!!

I Do Have To Return Labels
It's The Real Deal!

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