Next Year I'll Just Buy Them!

So this is the batch I got from the plant that actually produced-the one I moved inside has like 3 tiny peppers on it . . . not sure where I went wrong. Anyhow, on this one I just picked them off to avoid the frost as the planter had 2 plants and was way too heavy to screw with moving around. That other pepper plant in with it is yet to be defined. Right now I just call it "Not Habanero Plant". It only gave me one round deal that was actually usable and I tossed it in a batch of hot sauce. Speaking of-these guys will work for a double batch of "Just Peachy Habanero" with a hint of ginger as I think I have retired the "Can I call You Peaches, Ginger?" sauce experiment. Or maybe I'll try something else-too soon to call. I do have two new red sauces currently not made from my garden peppers obviously. I think one would make a fabulous pizza sauce-yes I am serious! The other is a variation of the "Feisty Fresno".

The Ghost Pepper plant seems to be doing well inside and I hope to have a couple of hot sauces coming out this October . . . with any luck at all!. I will grow some Ghosts next season but I am pretty sure I'll just buy the others. With the price of the plant versus the reward of peppers, not worth the effort!

Habanero Pepper Love