It's Wingapalooza This Sunday At Carlson Center

And I am stoked up for this-thanks to our friends at Alaska Fuel Distributors for sponsoring this super-fun event. And there's so much to look forward to-the band Firewall, football (though personally I'm taking a break from that I think) beer tasting, that play area with the inflatable boxing ring from Shannon Fortune . . . oh yes-and the wings and a chance to be "Lord of the Wings". Plus the added bonus with our military competition-I mean this is good stuff. Yes I will be a judge but it's a "blind tasting" so bribery probably won't work as I won't know which ones are yours . . . but if you insist I'll consider whatever you're offering! Ha!1 See you Sunday at the Carlson Center!

I Actually Will Be Judging You
It's Wingapalooza This Sunday!