Did You Remember To Vote Yesterday?

Well I guess it's too late now! But here's the dealio-no excuses as you should of had ample opportunity to take advantage of the gift of voting-if not, let's chat. My thing is I don't really care who you vote for as that's your choice and your right, but if you don't vote you don't get to complain!! So shush it if you missed the election and get ready for the next one! I again encountered an "issue" when heading to the polls-the same place I have voted since I was 18-only to be turned away again . . . they could not find my name on the list after seriously a great deal of looking. When they start talking "east and west" I really get confused. I have voted here my entire life. I did not know I needed a compass to do that! Anyhow, they sent me away and as I was taking that walk of shame I heard a voice calling out, "Rocky!" It sounded familiar but I did not see anyone . . . wait for it . . . poking his head out of the voting booth was my son Ryder! He said he heard my (sexy) voice and told me he actually saw my name on the list when he was checking in. So I went back over and after some more searching . . . the did indeed find me on there! And this was not done maliciously at all-totally honest oversight I believe-but I wonder if it would have made someone more "timid" than myself just decide to forget the whole thing and go home, you know what I'm saying?

So I took this selfie-it makes me look tall. Stand tall my brave voters, stand tall

Look AT This Brave Tall Good Looking Guy Who Voted

Look AT This Brave Tall Good Looking Guy Who Voted

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