Get Your Magic Healing Water Tonight At The Banks Alehouse!

Great Game Tonight At The Banks!

Great Game Tonight At The Banks!

Look, I don't know if it's really magic but I will have some on hand for you to win tonight as we celebrate Monday Night Football with Bud and Bud Light at the Banks! This water is endorsed by Russell Wilson himself . . . or is it? It tastes like regular water to me, but hey-maybe that's the beauty of it! Healing water or not (one too many concussions if you ask me) it should be a great game as the undefeated Niners host the overrated Seahawks-see you tonight! And when the home team wins, it will certainly help to complete a magical evening . . . and you can Plinko For Prizes, enjoy a Bud or Bud Light, and win a slew of prizes throughout the game, and I've got another zip-line adventure from Glacier View Adventures to give away as well!

Please note that Rocky's total disdain of the Seahawks and his bizarre fascination with Russel Wilson's ridiculous claim to have actual healing water do not perhaps reflect the views of the Banks Alehouse, but we can all agree on the great food they have! So he's got that going for him, which is nice.

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