Getting Ready For Gameday

I know it's only Tuesday but this is too big to sit on for sure . . . in fact this is the game I had lined up for the NFC Championship game, it's just coming a week early. And sure, there's plenty for your loyal Packer fans to get worked up on-the 2012 "Fail Mary" mess, the 2015 NFC Championship game in Seattle fiasco where thousands of "loyal Seattle fans" left the game as they thought they were going to lose. Loyal fans indeed. I'm sure I'm missing something. But my bitterness towards the Seathugs goes back to Monday Night Football, November 27th, 2006 when I took my family to what I thought would be a fun game between two competitive teams. What we got instead was a bunch of wannabe criminals who threatened me, my wife, and my then 9 and 2 year old sons. So it's a little deeper for me in how we were treated as a family who spent a lot of money to see a pro football game-it got personal. Turns out I did not like having my family threatened, having the security guard tell me to let him know if it got "physical" . . . as in the cursing, name calling, slaps and verbal threats were not enough to take action. It had to get physical to put a stop to it . . . and then I guess eject pretty much the entire stadium as it was not one isolated incident. It wasn't our first trip to the rodeo either. My first game was to see the Packers play in the Kingdome back in the day-had a great time and it might as well of been a home game as you would be hard-pressed to find an alleged Seahawk "fan". I have had the good fortune to see games in many different stadiums across the US, and none of them came close to the unwarranted abuse we were forced to endure with these nasty individuals. Seattle seemed a logical place for Alaskan fans to see a game as it's cheaper to get to than say, Green Bay, and it's only a few hours versus a day, and so on. But these hoodlums ruined all that. That's why we love going to see Cardinal games so much-the stadium is awesome, the fans are nice . . . and they are in the same division so it's easy to root for them. Anyhow, I had the opportunity to get affordable tickets to get the game this weekend, but unfortunately I will not be able to attend (as the time and money were not there-see above) to see the Packers inflict some of my revenge . . . did I get to melodramatic? For me, the scars are real and I'm just not ready to let it go.

With all that said, I do have lots of friends here who think they are "Seahawk Fans" (As I have pointed out before there is no such thing as an actual Sea Hawk in the US, thus there can be no real fans) so at times I am befuddled. I believe it is a psychological "group think" ideal that turns them into rabid savages and arguable the worst fan base in the world, because for the most part individually they seem like decent folks. There's more research to be done for sure. Enjoy the game and we'll talk more smack later! I'm always down for some fun and playful trash talking, but don't threaten my family. I don't believe that's the kind of thing decent folks would do. And I guarantee if I was there at the game live in Wisconsin I would not be walking out early. That's not what true fans do.

Not Just Another Game

Not Just Another Game

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