Adjusting To Chloe's Diabetes

We officially got the diagnosis Wednesday and we've been trying to adjust as a family ever since. As stressful as it has been, I've talked to a lot of folks who've been through this and I'm learning a lot and I think am starting to settle down to it. I feel bad because Chloe can't talk-at least not in human words-so she can't tell me exactly how she's feeling. However just in the past day and a half, we've noticed improvements and I do believe it will continue to get better. We're still monitoring her to get insulin levels set, and I'm guessing that may take a few days more, but all in all we're very optimistic. Chloe is an awesome dog and a very important part of our family.

Chloe loves holidays (Christmas is probably her fav-she loves opening presents!), car rides, camping and belly-rubs among other things. She also loved her snacks so that could be the hardest part. And while Chloe was the only one who I feel really appreciated my cooking, this may be the wake-up call for us to all start eating healthier and treating ourselves better. And the good news is Chloe loves her veggies too! I'll try and keep you updated on her progress.

Chloe Really Is A Present

Chloe Really Is A Present

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