You Say It's Your Birthday?!

Well it's somebody else's birthday too...but not mine today! And a little birdie told me it's always somebody's bday and evidently if you sing the 'Happy Birthday" song twice, that works out to 20 seconds of good hand washing. That's how we're supposed to do it-20 seconds with soap and hot water. I guess a guy could count off his thousand one, thousand two... and get the same results, but somebody on twitter came up with a better-or at least more fun-way to make sure we're putting in enough soapy time with our hands. Why not sing a catchy chorus of a song like Dolly Parton's "Jolene" or 'Raspberry Beret" from the late, great Prince? Apparently the chorus on those tunes works out to exactly 20 seconds, but I did not time ti out officially but I did have a good time playing with it! Check out the attached podcast to learn more!

Now I'm sure there are lots of songs that could fit the bill to do the job-but perhaps this will inspire you to find yours. I kind of like "Whip It" by Devo but not sure it meets the 20 second rule

Or just Google "Birthdays today" and sing the bday song 2x for them... I mean whatever works to get us doing a better job, right? Wash your hands. Wash 'em good. When a coronavirus comes along, you must wash them, before you touch your face, you must wash them-it's not too late-to wash them-wash them real good! I think there's great potential there as well. Good luck!

The Little Birdie By The Birthday Girl (who washes her hands all the time)

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