The Snowpeople Cometh...

I get the "when life gives you lemons" story, but it doesn't always work here when life gives us snow-as in it's usually way too dry for us to make a decent snowman. The idea started to form when i was walking Chloe, who absolutely loves the snow. Then I decided I would text AJ and tell him one of the things I wanted him to do while I was at work was build a snowman. I liked the idea so much that I figured I would build one here at work and post a photo of how awesome it was and really set a good example. So then I realized I may have forgotten kind of how...I started this out in front of our station but didn't get very far as you can see. But it does not diminish the dream that I now have of a city full of snow people! Snowmen, snowwomen, snowkids, snowpets-and it should be totally safe but just to err on the side of caution, please build them 6 feet apart...

Then I want you to get me the photos-we'll do a contest around it and maybe you guys can vote on it or something. But I need to see the snowpeople (as opposed to "I'm sick of the snow, people), and I mean really-what else were you doing this weekend anyway????

Snowman or No Man? I Think It's A Start!

Snowman or No Man? I Think It's A Start!

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