What's Better Than Cash Right Now?

If you guessed Toilet Paper you could be right! I mean, if you can't buy it, but you have to have it...well I have a solution, albeit temporary-but first I need to thank all the selfish hoarders who made all of this possible. Without your greedy instincts this probably never would have came to pass, so I guess thank you! This could be the best thing to happen since the Forbidden Dance...well, maybe not as big as that-the Forbidden Dance is awesome, but it is hard to wipe up your business with it, so perhaps it is all in your perspective at the moment! This one's pretty easy-just take a word from any song and replace it with "Toilet Paper". In return, I could be giving you some TP. It is wrapped and I'll most likely just drop it at a specified location or something, so I can abide by social distancing mandates, but when it's all said and done-yes-I want to give you Free Toilet Paper!! Please don't mention to my boss... I imagine she'll be pretty surprised when she does get back in the office... oh boy!

Listen to the podcast and check out Facebook to get in on the fun... and it's free-there's no catch and the rules are simple: replace one word of a song (song must have at least two words) with "Toilet Paper" or "TP" and submit it with the name of the artist! And some of this fine action could be yours!!! Do it as much as you'd like! Good luck!

Some examples not in podcast:

Tom Petty: Stop Dragging my TP along

Snoop Dog: Ain't Nothing but a TP Thang

Ozzy Osbourne: Crazy Toilet Paper (or Toilet Paper Train)

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