Wash Your Hands?

Oh we hear it a lot right? Do it for 20 seconds, soap them up real good and scrub 'em down!! My hands are raw and dry but it that's what it takes then so be it!! Now I've heard you can do it with warm or even cold water but I think hot is better. And when you get into it, the 20 seconds seems like a long time, but really-what else do you have to do? I think we can all safely free up that extra 15 seconds to get the job done. And I actually learned that I was doing it wrong-wet your hands then shut off the water. lather those two bad boys up with soap and sing your heart out!! And I heard from a doctor that the benefits are even more far reaching than I was thinking. If you wash your hands properly it actually does kill the germs-it's just staying on top of it even when you tell mom or your spouse or your boss, "I just washed them!". Wash them again. And keep up the good work on social distancing. I think after this is over we're going to have a Forbidden Dance Explosion...good times to come! Keep calm, and stay safe.

Keep Calm and Do It!