Have I Got A Deal For You!

I'll give you my last remaining roll of TP from the station, or this most likely fake 1 million dollar bill (I can't be sure-I've never actually seen a million dollar bill besides this one) IF you can come up with a cure to this stupid virus. Okay, I get it-you're not a scientist and it's simply not that easy. But I will give it away if you continue social distancing, no touching, etc. We are actually doing a good job at "flattening the curve" here in Alaska it appears but I do not want to get the cart before the horse, so keep hunkering down.

Also, due to new CDC guidelines, the Forbidden Dance must be done at least 6 feet apart and while wearing a homemade face mask....more details on that will be coming. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy-and I look forward to seeing you soon...and doing the Forbidden Dance like it was designed to be done...

If you do win the probably not authentic million dollar bill, can you break it down into something smaller and give me like a percentage back? Ten percent would be cool-thanks!

I Know Which One I Want

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