"Heart Hunters" Is Just What We Needed

It's easy to do and it's something fun for the entire family! You can social distance and bond at the same time with Heart Hunters on Facebook. I do encourage you to check it out-click on the photo to link to Krista's Heart Hunters Facebook page. Keep it family friendly and don't go out and buy a bunch of art supplies or anything like that! Krista says we should just use stuff around the house...like empty toilet paper rolls...I don't think she mentioned that specifically but I know you've been saving them!!! Also listen in to the podcast when you have chance-i want to see some hearts in the windows around Fairbanks!!! And we can drive around and look for different ones around town if we want-and you don't have to get out of your vehicle! We can come back around to the Forbidden Dance later. Have fun and happy Heart Hunting!

Heart Hunting Is Fun!