A Whole Lot Of Chillin' Going On

It's true-chillin' is not just for Netflix anymore! You can chill with any variety of TV options, and by chill they must mean watch it until you fall asleep in your chair... and if that's true, I am a pretty good chiller for sure, but not as good as the dude in this photo-now that's good chillin' there-we could all learn something from this kid!!

Remember it's different than a "cooler". That's the guy who comes around and takes away all your luck, and I believe that dude came through hard at the end of 2019. Chillin' is a good thing, coolin' is not. Glad I could help clarify that. And as your watching whatever and chillin' this weekend, don't forget to wake up for our Midnight Concerts, tonight featuring Katy Perry! As Paris Hilton would say, "That's Hot". And I guess Katy would say that it's hot and then cold, yes and then no...

So don't change your mind like a girl changes clothes! Check out the concert-and my attached podcast!

World Class Chiller

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