Last Roll Standing...

Thanks to everyone who participated in our big Toilet Paper giveaway here and congrats to all the roll winners! So I'm not sure if this is the consolation prize or-depending on your personal situation right now-the Grand Prize! But it's all we have left. And look, it's yours if you want it-I'm just going to stick it in the entryway and you can come by and grab it. yeah, I did not think it would come to this-I thought the shortage was temporary...I thought we had learned our lesson about hoarding and so on, but here we are. last roll standing. And it's yours for the taking!

Oh and if you hoarders are recognizing the error of your ways, our Fairbanks Rescue Mission is looking for toilet paper right now and you could donate it there! Click on the photo to go directly to their website.

Let's Do The TP Roll!

Let's Do The TP Roll!

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