Look At This Smart Guy Reading!

He certainly looks smart for sure! Remember those handsome good looks might not tell the whole story! In fact, he may have a new edition of Captain Underpants inside just to make you think he's reading a smartypants book...but no, this is the real deal! Ha-told you I was doing it. On page 128...I would be further along but between getting the right light and stuff...and by stuff I mean peace and quiet so a guy can focus for longer than a couple minutes-that kind of stuff! And then you've got the paparazzi always trying to sneak a photo! Being famous in your own mind does have some drawbacks... not sure that's one of them though!!

Hey it doesn't matter what you read-just read!! And while I prefer a real book in my hands, you can read on your phone, the Kindle thing, and even the dreaded audio book! But then it's not really reading so think about that one before you do it... and don't let them dummy us down!!

Smart and Sexy! Oh My!

Smart and Sexy! Oh My!

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