UAF Celebrates 2020 Graduates Virtually For 98th Commencement

As we continue our celebration of seniors-Don’t miss UAF’s 98th commencement-and as far as we know the first UAF virtual commencement!! And there’s a very special “Nanook web page takeover” Friday and up until noon on Saturday that you'll want to check out on our main page here at The actual virtual ceremony is at 1pm Saturday May 23rd.

I would like to also take this time to congratulate my son Ryder for scoring his MBA...which means he's way to smart for me to hang out with now...and I know some of you will say that happened years ago, and you're probably right! I mean, getting his bachelor degree last year was easy for me to wrap my head around but a Masters??? Holy cow! We could not be more proud...

Don’t forget to get your photos in the virtual yearbook as well-you can do it for our UAF grads as well! 

A huge congratulation to the UAF class of 2020 on what must have been an incredible journey-what a memory you'll have of the year for sure, right?!

Go Nooks!!!

Virtually Celebrate with UAF's Class of 2020

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