Happy (Sweet?) 16 To My Boy AJ!

Officially he hits 16 tomorrow, and you may have heard me talk about the differences I feel about this milestone event between boys and girls, but judging by the blank stare I get from him perhaps I'm off base! Anyhow, it goes like this: For girls, it is a "Sweet 16".and I guess that's special and stuff but I never had girls, and boys apparently don't appreciate a "Sweet 16" party for whatever reason...

So I came up with "16? Sweet! Now I can get my driver's license!." Which is funny to me because everyone could get their driver's license at 16, not everyone wants to or is ready, and because of the 'Rona, you may have limited options right now at least. I did not get my license until I was 18 and out on my own. I don't think AJ is near as excited as I am about it, and that's really fine with me-no hurry...and I'm not just saying that because I'd have to pick up more car insurance on him! Ha!! So Happy Birthday son. And while you might not be driving anywhere on your own anytime soon, I know that I am driving you crazy!! Haha!!

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