Midnight Sun Run Promises At Least 10K Of Virtual Fun...

And as sad as I am to not actually be there for the start and finish of this year's Midnight Sun Run, I am excited about this being the first year of being able to actually do it! It's 10k (or 64.8 miles if my math is correct) that I can do over 4 days-sweet! Also check out the Couch To 10K event-you can do it all by clicking on the photo here or hook up on Facebook. Remember all the proceeds go to the Fairbanks Resource Agency-that part has not changed and as Wendy points out, this is the largest fundraiser for FRA every year. Oh you can still dress up in costume, walk it, run it, whatever you feel comfortable with! Register now and I'll see you virtually? Soon!!

PS: I'm pretty sure my math was wrong-listen to my podcast with Wendy for the real scoop!

The First Ever Virtual Midnight Sun Run!

The First Ever Virtual Midnight Sun Run!

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